Lesley Barratt

I am an experienced Relationship Counsellor, having worked with families, couples, individuals and children since 2008.

I have an MA in Relationship Therapy, a University Advanced Diploma in Couples Counselling and I am a Member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I have worked for Relate both with couples and as a school counsellor. I also have my own private practice.

Separation and divorce is an emotionally challenging time for both parents and the children. Understanding how behaviour and attitudes can impact the long-term success of the separation and minimise the impact on the family is crucial.

I work with empathy, care and understanding to help couples develop strategies they can use to support themselves, and the family through this very difficult time.

Throughout this whole horrible process we have both felt that the system is designed to leave us hating each other and to have had your support in helping us get to this point has meant a great deal, so thank you for your support of us both and for reflecting everything so well.

Thank you for all you have done to make a very sad and painful process somewhat less painful!

Thanks for all your help. We are talking a lot more and generally getting on much better, we even stood next to each other at rugby AND are going to parents’ evening together!

You did more in 4 hours than our lawyers had done in 1 year. For that I am very grateful.

I would like to thank you for the time you have spent in achieving in 4 hours, what we never achieved in 4 months. I think it is by far a much better process than solicitors and court.

I honestly feel that we now have a good chance of proceeding in an amicable way that hopefully in time will become a friendship with the children at its core. I do not think we would have achieved this through solicitors, and feel huge gratitude for your patience and gentleness.

It’s so much better to go through this process together in a calm and neutral setting, rather than being defensive at home or seeing a solicitor individually. You’ve been a great adviser on a tricky topic and the meetings were really productive.

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