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Divorce doesn’t have to be lengthy, costly & acrimonious. At The Wells Group, couples are guided through a ground-breaking, streamlined process for a clear, fixed fee.

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We’re changing the way you divorce.

Traditionally, when a couple decides to separate or divorce, they begin by approaching separate solicitors. The downside of this process is that it immediately sets a context where couples work against one another.

The longer negotiations continue, the more expensive and acrimonious the process can become. If an agreement cannot be reached and a court process is required, professional costs can escalate into the tens of thousands of pounds, or even higher. In such a stressful situation, children’s needs are easily forgotten, and parenting relationships can be damaged.

Our difference

At The Wells Group, we centrally guide couples through the divorce process. Each party receives tailored legal and financial advice before reaching a legally binding agreement and a cooperative parenting relationship moving forward.

The Benefits of Our Process


A fraction of the cost of the traditional court process.


A more streamlined process than instructing opposing family lawyers or going to court.


No fault divorce, looking for amicable solutions.


Children & their needs come first.

Having witnessed friends spend £30,000 on divorces that seemed to drag on forever, we feel so relieved to have resolved all our finances and child arrangements in less than 6 months for a fraction of the cost! It wasn’t always an easy process but we felt supported and reassured by your expertise from start to finish. What’s more, we know that we managed it in the best way possible for our daughter, without the conflict that so often occurs in lengthy divorce proceedings.

Our team of professional experts provide:

  • A full mediation service
  • A legally binding consent order, with advice from your own choice of Family Law Solicitor
  • Support from an Independent Financial Advisor, including guidance about mortgage and pension options
  • Optional individual therapy sessions

How will your divorce be remembered?

Your separation doesn’t have to leave a lasting negative impact on your children. At The Wells Group we help families support their children in moving towards a brighter future.



£2499 PP +VAT

Couples seeking a straightforward resolution on their finances & a legally binding consent order.




£3999 PP +VAT

Most couples, seeking a holistic solution on legal, financial & parenting matters.

£500 Government Voucher Scheme Available




£5499 PP +VAT

Couples facing a breakdown in communication and/or requiring specialist legal & financial advice.

£500 Government Voucher Scheme Available

I would like to thank you for the time you have spent in achieving in 4 hours, what we never achieved in 4 months. I think it is by far a much better process than solicitors and court.

I honestly feel that we now have a good chance of proceeding in an amicable way that hopefully in time will become a friendship with the children at its core. I do not think we would have achieved this through solicitors, and feel huge gratitude for your patience and gentleness.

It’s so much better to go through this process together in a calm and neutral setting, rather than being defensive at home or seeing a solicitor individually. You’ve been a great adviser on a tricky topic and the meetings were really productive.

Throughout this whole horrible process we have both felt that the system is designed to leave us hating each other and to have had your support in helping us get to this point has meant a great deal, so thank you for your support of us both and for reflecting everything so well.

Thank you for all you have done to make a very sad and painful process somewhat less painful!

Thanks for all your help. We are talking a lot more and generally getting on much better, we even stood next to each other at rugby AND are going to parents’ evening together!

You did more in 4 hours than our lawyers had done in 1 year. For that I am very grateful.

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