Are Emotions Genderless? Discussing Divorce, Emotions and Gender with iNews

We all experience pain, but why is the idea that women are more emotional than men so persistent?

Our founding partner, @HelenAdam3, was invited to discuss this notion with iNews by considering her experiences with clients during the divorce process. She commented that it would be “impossible” to predict who will or will not become emotional during mediation based on gender and that it is a person’s upbringing and personality that has a far greater influence on their emotional response to divorce.

You can read the full interview below:

We all experience pain – Kenny Shiels’ claim that women are more ’emotional’ than men is a myth

Here at The Wells Group, we understand the importance of offering emotional support during separation and divorce. That’s why our unique divorce package includes a ‘Wellbeing’ session with an accredited therapist to talk about how you are coping, what is going well and what is challenging, and whether any specific support may be needed to see you through this difficult time. For more information, please contact us today. 

Time for Climate Change in the Family Justice System

How does a family justice system, with 150 years of legal development behind it, reduce adversity? Is it even possible?

Our founding partner, @HelenAdam3, Chair of the Family Solutions Group, was invited to deliver this lecture at the Family Justice Council conference. She commented: ‘An adversarial system for separating families is a bit like the carbon combustion engine; thought to be a useful vehicle for dealing with a family breakdown when it evolved but we now know it’s harmful. Other safer ‘greener’ methods are urgently needed.’ You can read the full speech below:

Bridget Lindley Memorial Lecture 2022

Here at The Wells Group, we are committed to ensuring the best outcomes for children when parents separate. That’s why we offer all families an invitation for child inclusive mediation as part of our divorce process. For more information, speak to a professional today.  


Jane Kerr Interviewed on Kent Online

As of April 6th, 2022, no-fault divorce was introduced in England and Wales. Watch below as Jane Kerr, one of our expert Divorce Consultants, discusses this law change in more detail, including what it means for couples, their children, and law firms across the country.

Here at The Wells Group, we are excited to soon be launching a unique new holistic divorce service to couples across Kent and the surrounding areas. We have worked closely with our partners to design a new service that provides couples with a tailored support package complete with divorce mediation, therapeutic support, financial advice, and child-inclusive mediation. To learn more about this new service, you can get in contact with one of our friendly divorce experts today.

We’ve Been Featured on ITV!

We were incredibly excited to watch one of our founding partners and divorce experts, Jane Kerr, featured on ITV Meridian to discuss the new no-fault law which came into force on 6th April 2022. The feature describes the new law as one of the biggest changes to divorce laws in history, with couples no longer needing to apportion blame when requesting a divorce. You can watch Jane’s thoughts on the latest legislation below:

Here at The Wells Group, we are committed to guiding couples through the divorce process, without acrimony and rising costs. To get more information about our fixed-fee service, please get in touch with a member of our expert divorce team today.

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