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Carrie Devonshire
Chartered Financial Planner and
Director of Athena Wealth Planning


I’ve been a financial adviser and planner for over 20 years and have had the privilege of working with many clients as they go through separation and divorce and strive for their financially independent future. As part of The Wells Process, I can help you gain clarity over your current situation and provide guidance on the options that are available to you. Sometimes the pieces of the ‘financial jigsaw’, and the numbers involved, appear daunting and confusing – it can be hard to know what these will look like in your new life. What do they mean to you and your lifestyle?

Will you have sufficient to live the life you wish? I can help you bring these pieces together into your personal financial picture, so you can see exactly how the money and assets you are discussing will work for you. If you wish, we will then work with you, bringing this together into your personal financial strategy and plan, working with you both now and in the future to ensure you make the very most of your financial life ahead.

Linda van Meurs
Financial Life Planner at Athena
Wealth Planning

Having witnessed close friends go through the divorce process, and having professionally advised on the outcome of divorce settlements, it has made me realise how much smoother the journey is for everyone if financial advisers and other allied professionals are involved earlier. The Wells Group aims to do just that. We can help you understand the pros and cons of options available, the right questions to ask and, even, help visualise how those options can work for you both now and in the future. By looking at the various outcomes of financial scenarios you are discussing, we can give you clarity and vision and therefore confidence in the financial decisions you are making.

From mortgage capacity, pension sharing possibilities, investment portfolio splitting, maintenance structures and everything else financial, the Athena team is here to work with you, help and guide you through these days and months ahead and give you peace of mind and reassurance in the decisions you are making.

I would like to thank you for the time you have spent in achieving in 4 hours, what we never achieved in 4 months. I think it is by far a much better process than solicitors and court.

I honestly feel that we now have a good chance of proceeding in an amicable way that hopefully in time will become a friendship with the children at its core. I do not think we would have achieved this through solicitors, and feel huge gratitude for your patience and gentleness.

It’s so much better to go through this process together in a calm and neutral setting, rather than being defensive at home or seeing a solicitor individually. You’ve been a great adviser on a tricky topic and the meetings were really productive.

Throughout this whole horrible process we have both felt that the system is designed to leave us hating each other and to have had your support in helping us get to this point has meant a great deal, so thank you for your support of us both and for reflecting everything so well.

Thank you for all you have done to make a very sad and painful process somewhat less painful!

Thanks for all your help. We are talking a lot more and generally getting on much better, we even stood next to each other at rugby AND are going to parents’ evening together!

You did more in 4 hours than our lawyers had done in 1 year. For that I am very grateful.

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